Function design

Function design® is a proven method for structuring and standardizing technical documentation. We have been successfully using function design in our projects for many years.

Our approach

With function design®, you can plan technical documentation and create it efficiently, consistently, and in a user-friendly manner.

With function design®, we develop standardized specifications for creating your documents. We start by identifying your target groups, then develop suitable information products, regulate the structures and formulations on four levels, and document the specifications in an editorial guide. We guide you through the creation of standardized content until you are firmly in the saddle.

We show you how to optimize your technical documentation with function design® and how to apply the writing technique in your day-to-day editorial work. In this way, you achieve ideal quality assurance and benefit from significant cost reductions in creation, management, and translation.

When introducing function design®, we are your partners from planning to implementation and accompany you throughout the entire project.

Flexibility for the future

Function design® regulates the information products of the future adapted to your individual needs - from HTML5 to instructional videos.

One of the biggest challenges for technical editors is the reduction of print and the associated digitization of information products. Without prior standardization, digitization cannot be implemented efficiently. Technologies evolve quickly. So your newsroom should evolve equally to provide information products that fit customer needs today and in the future.

With our support and the Funktionsdesign® method, you will succeed in the digital transformation and be prepared for the future. A function design® standard is individually adaptable due to its high flexibility and can be continuously developed further. If you live the standard and constantly develop it further, you will always be prepared for the new challenges that the future brings.