Analysis and assessment

No doctor prescribes therapy without a diagnosis. Neither do we.

Key analytical methods

A well-founded analysis creates clarity, aligns actions and reduces investment risks. To achieve this, we proceed methodically and systematically and continuously optimize our analysis methods. Our customers benefit from meaningful and reliable results.

  • We carry out the information process analysisusing a proven procedure that has been tried and tested many times in practice, with interviews based on questionnaires, with system analysis and moderated feedback presentations.
  • In the assessment of an information management process or a newsroom, we look in particular at the success factors in order to quickly identify any need for action.

  • We analyze technical documentation using the problem typology method.

  • We analyze and document target groups and information needs using, among other things, context of use analysis.

  • We analyze and test the usability of information, for example, with usability tests or with modern survey methods from quantitative social research.