DocCert test mark from TÜV SÜD

Whether checking instructions according to IEC 82079-1 and further pertinent standards or auditing the authoring processes – the testing programs that we use and develop together with TÜV SÜD create a high level of security and provide very concrete assistance for improvement.

After a successful check or audit, the instructions or the authoring department can be certified. This comes with a mark license: You can advertise for user-friendly documentation with the TÜV SÜD mark.

This convincingly emphasizes your competence as a documentation provider. As the Technical Documentation department, you have substantial evidence that you fulfill your due diligence requirements, and you sustainably improve your position and acceptance at the company.

DocCert according to DIN EN 82079-1

Whether an instruction meets the requirements can only be evaluated based on the interaction of the instruction and the product.

Since the replacement of EN 62079 "Preparation of instructions" by DIN EN 82079-1, the conformity assessment of instructions according to this standard must include a review and evaluation of the instructions with the product – a procedure that has been a standard feature of the DocCert method since it was created in the 1990's. In addition, the conformity assessment requires independent and qualified test personnel – both a matter of course for the DocCert method.

Catalog of requirements

For testing we use a catalog of requirements on a normative basis. The catalog of requirements also includes further know-how and product-specific requirements. You receive the specific catalog of requirements and can use it to optimize your internal quality assurance.

Application test

In the application test, we take a close look at the interaction of information and the product. You can use the detailed technical reports to take concerted action for improvement where it is practical or necessary.

Our many years of experience in the interpretation of legal norms and technical standards ensures that you receive sustainable and economical solution suggestions for implementing normative requirements.


When auditing authoring processes according to the DocCertSystem testing program, we individually calculate the testing expense depending on the size of the authoring department to be audited and the product areas. You receive an offer from TÜV SÜD.

The DocCertSystem audit follows the procedures and principles of ISO 9001. An existing certification according to ISO 9001 reduces the expense but is not a prerequisite. A pre-audit can help to get to know the requirements and take suitable measures for a suitable certification audit.

In the audit, our auditors take an impartial look at your authoring department and their production processes. The effectiveness and observance of your authoring guideline is checked and scrutinized in interviews. Afterwards, you receive a list of measures that has been coordinated with you and that you can used to optimize your authoring processes continuously and in a targeted manner.

Our many years of standardization competence ensure that you receive useful solution suggestions in order to permanently increase the comprehensibility of your documentation and the effectiveness of your authoring processes.



Forum 82079 - Herstellung von Konformität mit dieser Norm (tekom 2012)

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Rechtskonformität erreichen

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