Training and further training

The approximately 80,000 professional technical authors in German-speaking regions are mostly lateral entrants in a highly changing environment. Training and further training are therefore very important.

A "way with words" and a "feeling for technology" are no longer sufficient for the complex requirements of technical authoring. Nowadays, in addition to profound textual skills, methodical knowledge of efficient documentation preparation (translation-oriented authoring, reuse), a well-founded overview of the legal and normative requirements, as well as the common tools and systems of one's specialist area are necessary.

As a result of our comprehensive experience from numerous training courses, in further training institutions and at companies, as well as from teaching assignments at universities, we are able to offer various training and further training models for the individual needs of our customers:

  • Skills development
  • Coaching
  • Inhouse training courses
  • Training of authors

The topics of our courses include:

  • Diction and syntax
  • Use of images
  • Functional design
  • Process management and optimization
  • Standardization and structuring
  • Modularization
  • Legal and normative basis of technical communication; product safety and product liability
  • Important standards for technical communication: IEC 82079-1, ANSI Z535 and others
  • Documentation for the USA
  • Strategic management and basic principles of business management for authors
  • Risk assessment with operating FMEA
  • Terminology management
  • Quality assurance in technical authoring
  • XML and the use of authoring systems

You profit from in-depth basic knowledge, extensive practical experience and teaching work, as well as from current knowledge from research and development. The contents are adapted to company-specific questions, in conjunction with a previous methodical analysis (problem typology method).

Skills development

Regardless of which method or technique we use to solve a consulting task, we enable our customers to use and adapt this solution independently.

For this purpose, we plan training or knowledge transfer blocks over the course of the project. While the know-how of the authors in project increases, the authoring department becomes more independent.


Coaching is directed at individual authors or very small groups.

It is very well suited for individually closing gaps in technical knowledge in a targeted manner, supporting authors with special tasks or quickly training key users. Short-term assistance in particular often makes coaching worthwhile. For this reason, proofreading and web meetings at short notice are natural working methods in coaching.

Inhouse training courses

Inhouse training consists of courses on particular specialist topics that we carry out with employees at companies.

Inhouse courses are particularly valuable for participants when the courses are adapted to company-specific contents and problems using an exemplary document analysis. This results in valuable suggestions that our customers are happy to directly put into action.

Training of the authoring department

The authoring team or individual authors are broadly trained in all important areas of technical communication.

As trainers, we are directly involved in the education of technical authors (tecom) at the Technischen Akademie Esslingen, in the English-speaking tekom TCTrainNet and in the course that we designed for TÜV Rheinland. We use our experience and the trainer network to develop a training plan that meets the needs of our customers. You can find current course dates in our training schedule.



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