Process management

Process analysis and process management aim to optimally design your work processes. Technical authoring work is integrated and performed at the company in a clear and efficient way.

Often the Technical Documentation department and its organizational integration do not develop in accordance with the overall company processes. Management frequently does not become aware of the value-adding activities of the authoring department until tensions, inefficiency, work pressure and quality problems occur. Technical Documentation is often out of the loop: It is faced with short-term requirements from the sales and customer service departments. Necessary information from the production and design departments is often only obtained upon inquiry.

Process modeling

Process modeling is based on the idea that each activity at a company should directly or indirectly produce a customer benefit and that these activities should be defined as processes and coordinated with each other.

In the context of process analysis, we ascertain the existing processes at your company. Based on our rich experience, we develop the optimum process restructuring together with your stakeholders. The new processes are introduced on a sustainable basis. This allows the technical authoring department to be optimally repositioned in your company.

Your advantage

  • Industry-related best-practice processes in authoring work
  • Uniform practices with recognized interview techniques and modeling techniques such as BPMN
  • Optimum integration of the technical authoring department in the company
  • Consciousness in the company of the value-creating function of the technical authoring department
  • Determination and monitoring of central key indicators such as lead time, time to market and key quality indicators
  • Sustainable integration due to process documentation as well as training courses and workshops as a team
  • Possibility for follow-up support in the form of process audits and continuous evaluation of key indicators

Organizational development and change management

Organizational development and change management implement necessary changes in the authoring department and the company in a deliberate and well-thought out way.

Fast growth, new markets, stricter environmental regulations and safety regulations present new challenges to companies and technical authoring departments. This can result in internal tensions between departments or interface conflicts. Change management prevents internal resignations and employee fluctuation. Active change management and a conscious organization development optimally prepare companies and employees for new things. Change processes can be implemented in a conscious and controlled way. All people involved remain motivated and identify with what is happening. This ensures the quality of the authoring work and the success of your company.

We define the measures with you based on your targets and our best practice portfolio. We place great value on transparent and conscious communication with the involved stakeholders and your employees. In this way, you will master even great adjustments and changes in the authoring department and at the company successfully and with the efforts of everyone involved. If desired, we will subsequently ensure the sustainability of the investment with you.

Your advantage

  • High motivation and approval of all those involved
  • Secure integration of the new procedures and process definitions
  • Continuous availability and safeguarding of the desired quality standard even during a period of change
  • Sustainable implementation of the change

Quality assurance

Quality assurance makes it possible to check the adherence to processes, content requirements and tool uses.

You have optimized your processes, information and tools and would like to continually improve them. For this purpose, you need an instrument to determine the achieved quality level.

Together with you we determine the fields of activity of your quality assurance and identify suitable methods. We plan the use of these methods. If necessary, we train your employees in how to use quality assurance or do it for you.

Your advantage

  • Systematic achievement of the quality objectives
  • Starting points for continuous improvement of the processes
  • Cost reduction through optimized processes

BPMN 2.0 seminar

Learn how to document processes with the industry standard Business Process Management and Notation 2.0.

After BPMN 2.0 was adopted by the OMG in January 2011, companies have a powerful syntax for graphic representation of business processes at their disposal. This makes inconsistent and difficult-to-read processes a thing of the past.

The successful and reliable application of BPMN 2.0, however, requires a clear definition of the method and style; in addition, it is necessary to make the correct selection from the extensive set of possible symbols.

Examples of topics in the seminar

  • Successful modeling with basic BPMN elements (start event, end event, activity/task, gateway, pool/lane, data object, data store, subprocess, ad-hoc subprocess etc.)
  • Using the expanded BPMN syntax (message event, timer event, collaboration diagram etc.)
  • Taking into account methodical aspects in modeling
  • Defining rules for a uniform modeling style
  • Finding suitable programs for BPMN (Visio, Bizagi, Signavio, Logizian etc.)

As a result of their many years of using BPMN in process analysis and process optimization projects, SCHMELING + CONSULTANTS has a wealth of experience and can impart this valuable practical experience in seminars. The seminar contents are coordinated and adapted together in advance to the company-specific situation in the area of process management. This enables users of BPMN 2.0 to document and apply important processes at their own company consistently and graphically after only one day.



Seminarangebot BPMN 2.0

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BPMN 2.0 - Prozessmodellierung als Grundlage für Prozessoptimierung und Prozessmanagement (tekom 2014)

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