Gen. note: You will find us on the second floor of the building H+, which is located directly next to the Heinsteinwerk.

Map to download

You can reach us by train (Heidelberg main station):
- There are taxis parked in front of the station that can take you to us in 5 minutes.
- Alternatively: The exit at the front of the station hall leads to bus and streetcar stops; the streetcar line 5 in the direction of Mannheim (leaves every 10 min.) will take you to us in 2 min., exit at the "Berufsschule" stop.

You can reach us by car:
Note: Wieblinger Weg street crosses the autobahn, and this bridge is not shown by many GPS systems.
- Coming from the autobahn A5: at the Heidelberger Kreuz intersection, turn onto the A656 in the direction of Heidelberg, take the autobahn to the end and turn left at the first traffic light, then turn left onto Vangerowstraße, drive down this street for around 400 m until you come to Mannheimer Straße (left side of the street, a bus stop comes afterwards), turn left there and then right again into Steinzeitweg. Steinzeitweg leads to Weiblinger Weg, drive right here and follow the street until H+.
Coming from downtown Heidelberg: follow Bergheimer Straße towards the autobahn, turn into Mannheimer Straße directly after the last intersection with a traffic light shortly before the beginning of the autobahn, and then immediately turn into Wieblinger Weg.

Parking spots:
Marked parking spaces are available to you in the second basement level of the underground garage. The entrance is located between H+ and Heinsteinwerk. Take the left turnoff below, stop and ring the buzzer at the gate. You can take the elevator to us on the second floor.