Functional design

Functional design is a proven structuring, standardization and writing technique for technical information and documents that has been successfully used at companies for many years. 

Functional design was designed together by Prof. Robert Schäflein-Armbruster (Furtwangen University, partner in SCHMELING + CONSULTANTS GmbH) and Prof. Jürgen Muthig (Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences). In agreement with the inventors, SCHMELING + CONSULTANTS has set itself the task of developing functional design further and positioning it in the market as the leading method in technical documentation.

Functional design allows you to plan and create technical documents efficiently, consistently and in a user-friendly way.

Introducing functional design

We use functional design to develop standardized definitions for creating your documents. We start by identifying your target groups, develop suitable information products and document the definitions in an authoring guideline. We help you to create the first standardized contents until you are firmly in the saddle.

We show you how to optimize your technical documents with functional design and use this writing technique securely in daily authoring work. In this way, you achieve an ideal quality assurance and profit from a considerable cost reduction in preparation, management and translation.

When introducing functional design, we are your partners from planning to realization and accompany you throughout the entire project.


Comprehensive functional design brochure

In our 16-page Functional design brochure, we answer the questions that are important from an entrepreneurial point of view:

  • When and for what can functional design be used?
  • What benefit does it offer?
  • How does a functional design project concretely run?

Standardization in 10 weeks

A case example for the introduction of functional design in a short time, clearly documented for you.




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Standardisieren in 10 Wochen – wer sagt eigentlich, dass ein Funktionsdesign® zu entwickeln lange dauert?

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Informationsbearbeitung mit Funktionsdesign (tekom-RG 2009)

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